Mar 5, 2017

Patent Research - Training - Beginner to Intermediate - Data Visualization Using Tableau

Visualization is one of the most important aspects of patent research, or for that matter any market research project.

However, most of the market and patent research reports based on landscaping and market overview usually consist of visualizations based on excel and PowerPoint including graphs and charts. Although these visualizations serve the purpose, the idea of this training article is to offer a perspective into making these graphs and charts look professional and beautiful.

In this training article, we will be looking at using Tableau to make basic patent research graphs and charts as an example for beginner and intermediate patent research professionals to try this free feature out for their practice.

Not only is Tableau public available for free for you to try, it also adds up as an additional skill for you to have in terms of data visualization. Plus, the graphs and charts are very good looking and beautiful and it is super fun!

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