Jan 24, 2013

Buy Fisher Space Pens in India | Buy Astronaut Pens | Symbol of Excellence | Online | Economical

Fisher pens have been considered a symbol of excellence since many decades. When I got out of college, one of the first things I bought from my first salary was a Fisher Pen. It was my first instinct ofcourse I also bought a Titan Watch and got a Demat account!!!.

The point here is, people have a mental target or a mental picture of what they would do when they are successful. Rather it is like saying 'Ah! yes! Finally' and they like to have certain things. This was my version of getting successful (i.e. Finally being able to pay for my own space pen).

I got a very hard time finding a store in India though. But now since Online Shopping is here, its mostly clicks that would get you a space pen at your door. I have given below some links from Flipkart to get you started. I am a major space pen collector and so have only given you links of pens I have seen myself.