Mar 5, 2017

Patent Research - Training - Beginner to Intermediate - Data Visualization Using Tableau - Part II

Tableau is a powerful software, much user friendly in terms of creating stunning graphs and charts than excel for sure. Its just that excel wasn't built keeping graphing and charting in mind - it is a powerful spreadsheet software, while Tableau is specifically built for this.

First step is getting started with Tableau public:
Keep this in mind - Tableau public, while free, by definition is public - anything you post is freely accessible to everyone. Please make sure you do not post anything that you shouldn't post publicly!

Step 1 - Creating a profile on Tableau

This is super easy

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign in button on top
  3. A pop up window will appear - look at its bottom where you will find something like "Create one now for free"
  4. Then fill the form and click create profile

Step 2 - Go to

Enter your email address in the box and click download the app to download tableau public application on your PC.

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