Jun 11, 2017

Getting all basic information about companies (players/actors) in a technology / field in few minutes - Patentinspiration tool review

How to identify key players (companies, startups, universities, and research institutes) in a technology area quickly?

As a part of my ongoing review of Patentinspiration tool by AULIVE, after being amazed by the 'find related terms' feature which allows one to find synonyms and related terms quite easily, I wanted to give everyone a glimpse of the vast array of features this tool has when it comes to analysis of key players or key actors in a technology field (both corporate players or companies and academia & research players)

Steps to get all key players active in a technology area in Patentinspiration

I started off with a technology area that I am interested in:

With just a click, I can access the players most actively filing patents on this area:

Check out this video on how to navigate and analyse key players and their patent filings:

Further, there are some very cool options for analyzing companies with respect to one or more parameters. Here is the company vs field of invention analysis

Company vs. Field of Invention Analysis - Patentinspiration

Apart from fields of invention, one can choose nouns, noun groups, verb groups, adjectives, etc. to map to players. See below a noun group to company mapping:

Company vs. Noun-group Mapping - Patentinspiration

You can see connections in terms of technology between key players by analyzing their patent filing CPC / IPC codes and /or citations.

Player Technology Linkage - Patentinspiration