Mar 11, 2017

Patent Research Training > Data Cleaning > Assignee (Player / Company Name) Cleaning & Normalization - II

Open Refine is a really powerful tool for dealing with data, especially for normalizing data and cleaning it.

Following steps can be followed to install Open Refine and get it running on your system:

1. Go to

2. Find the latest download option for windows (or mac - though this article will focus on Windows). Right now, this is 'OpenRefine 2.7-rc2 Release Candidate 2'

You just have to download the zip file and unzip it.

Once unzipped into a folder of your choice, click on the icon with a diamond (too easy to recognize :))

You will get a black screen (command prompt) and it will open a browser tab

Voila! you have successfully installed and started the Open Refine software, and now you can upload your files.
Notice the address of this tab - it is not a web address, but rather your own computer - so it's essentially OK to upload any files from your computer on this address, because the files wouldn't be uploaded on any website. You can still use your discretion, though.