Jun 11, 2017

Getting problems addressed and fields of invention from patent filings in a landscape automatically - Patentinspiration

In some study types and objectives, understanding what problems are being addressed and solved within a particular technology area is an important step.

Insights that can be drawn from problem-solution analysis in a patent landscape

1. What are the most common problems being addressed by a majority of active companies and universities in an area?
2. Which common problems have different proposed solutions?
3. Which common solutions can solve multiple problems?
4. Which problems are common to academia and research institutes as well as corporate players?

Now, of course, something that gives out good insights needs a detailed analysis. Although, for perfect detail, a manual analysis is necessary currently. Patentinspiration, the tool from AULIVE that I am currently reviewing, offers a nifty little tool for finding out problems disclosed in patents in a search result set.

See the video I made to know how to do this:

Check out the review on 'find related terms' feature offered by Patentinspiration - which lets you find synonyms and related words for conducting searches, and the various company search and analysis features from Patentinspiration.