Jun 6, 2017

2 companies offering machine learning and artificial intelligence based market research solutions & analytics tools

Under the theme of tool and company reviews, I thought of covering some of the companies that are offering solutions for market and even patent research based on some form of machine learning concept to categorize, cluster, tag, and interpret text and even images and automate some element of market research including search, analysis, and reporting.

SynapsifyAccelerate Insight from Unstructured Text

This company claims that they have an inbuilt algorithmic IdeaNet which learns as users tag through the unstructured text data from news articles, blog posts, customer satisfaction surveys, focus group comments, social media data etc.  The learning happens when users either tag or annotate any such reference into a predetermined clustering format, and these IdeaNets are then used for future analysis so that the content can be ranked or prioritized.

Their vision is even beyond this. They mention that once the labeled data of an IdeaNet is verified, it can also be sold in their marketplace. 

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Elemetric Machine learning-enabled market research

As per Elemetric's company website and other public sources, they offer a consumer insights platform that allows organizations to more efficiently and effectively translate market research data into action, and that turns around with rapid results to business users within 24 hours.

They combine machine learning and advanced statistics on the enabling side and offer easy UI, collaboration features into their platform on the user side.

If you look at their request for quotation page, you can see services such as:
  • Product Concept Testing
  • A/B Testing
  • Brand Perception
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Product Market Fit
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