Jul 8, 2012

Freelance Research Work - Patent / Scientific Literature / Prior Art Search - Patentability | Novelty | Invalidation | Validity Search

Article one is a good place for newly trained and budding patent professionals to practice their patent searching skills. The site is kind of a mediator between clients and researchers, so you will find many patent and non patent research studies (mostly prior art searches of the Invalidation or patentability type) on this site.

But the fun part is you can get fat rewards of upto 5000$ per study if you provide the best reference or result to the study, along with points per submission. This makes it a great freelancing source for searchers.

Click here to visit Article one. Click on the register button at the top to register as a researcher.

My advice to you, in case you are planning to be a researcher in article one, is that whenever a new study is launched first try to identify non-patent literature (since they have more weightage in the points system).

Next in the line would be some patent searches in IPDL (for JP prior art) and SIPO (for CN prior art).

as the last step you can search in Patentscope, DEPATISnet, EPO and Google patents.

If you want to be the winner, try to have references that no one else would have identified.

All the Best and Happy Researching